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Balfour Beatty                                                                                                                                                                                            Please find information below about Balfour Beatty’s planned works for 2019                                                                                          Annual Plan -Balfour Beatty

Winter Road Maintenance
Click here for more information from Balfour Beatty about gritting etc  Winter Maintenance Grit Bin Poster Sept 18 v3

Parish Roads members of the public are encouraged to report any problems with local roads by one of two methods                                     Via the internet:  To report a local road network defect or access information on current roadworks please go to the Herefordshire Council  website at the home page find and click on the section `Travel and Transport` and from there select the sub section `Roads’.By phone:  Alternatively ring the Operations Control Centre on 01432  261800. Reporting via one of these methods ensures that issues are formally computer logged; assigned a unique reference number; assessed; and allocated to team members in accordance with the Highways Management Plan.For any matters concerning Public Rights of Way please click on the sub section ‘Highways and public rights of way’ available from the ‘Travel and Transport’ section of the Herefordshire website as above.

Fly Tipping Fly tipping is an illegal activity. The removal and disposal of waste is the responsibility of the land owner. If you see someone fly tipping or if you see a fly tip please report it to Herefordshire Council on

Hereford & Worcester Fire & Rescue Service Sky Lanterns. The HWFR discourages the use of  floating paper lanterns. These lanterns not only constitute a fire hazard but also pose a risk to livestock, agriculture, thatched properties and hazardous material sites. Whilst undoubtedly a popular sight, the potential damage they can cause is significant.

Herefordshire Rural Hub Herefordshire Rural Hub CIC is a business support organisation for farming and rural businesses across Herefordshire. Established in 2005, the Hub has grown from strength to strength and now has a reach to over 1,500 rural businesses. The Hub can give access to business development opportunities and keeps businesses and individuals up to date with information on events, funding opportunities, and rules & regulations. Go to  

West Mercia Police

New non emergency telephone number – 0300 333 3000
West Mercia Constabulary has launched a new way for the public to find out about crime in their local area. The CrimeMapper website provides an easy to use way of finding information about burglary, theft and robbery, vehicle crime, anti-social behaviour etc in your area by simply entering your postcode. Go to

Power Cut Call 105 the new three digit that people can call to report or get information about power cuts. The service is free of charge and can also be used to report concerns about overhead cables and substations.

Middleton on the Hill Parish Charity The above charity is managed by a small group of local trustees. It is their duty to manage the charity’s assets and to distribute the income from those assets annually. In accordance with the original aims of the charity the income is to be used for three purposes:

  • the Church,
  • Advancement of Education and
  • Relief in Need.

It has been the practice of recent years for the trustees to issue grants to Middleton Church, St James School, students in secondary education, senior citizens and occasional individual cases of need. It has been decided, going forward, to raise the qualifying age for senior citizens to seventy. If you live in the Middleton on the Hill parish and feel you might qualify please contact Mrs C Halls at Highlands. The charity owns three small parcels of land, two of which are occasionally available to rent by tender. If anyone is interested please contact the secretary.

Privacy Policy: Middleton on the Hill Parish Charity does not disclose grant recipient details to anyone. Names are recorded in the minutes and will be retained and eventually archived in Herefordshire’s Archive library. Any data held is used for distribution of funds.

EnviroSort Our green bin recycling goes to EnviroSort, near Worcester. The site is at Norton which was originally a jam factory. The plant is inside an enormous building measuring 110 x 65 metres. All vehicles are unloaded inside the building. It is known as a Co-Mingled Materials Reclamation Facility (CMRF) and is a unique design worked up by Mercia Waste and others to meet the specific needs of Herefordshire and Worcestershire. As you may know, it separates and sorts the mixed contents of our bins – paper, cardboard, plastics, waxed cartons, cans and glass. The sorting system is hi-tech and there is an excellent animation on Hit “The Process” button to see the 3 minute show which tells you that the paper is the first element separated by Ballistic Sorting. This process relies on the bulkiness of items like cans and bottles which is why you shouldn’t squash them. Next, steel and aluminium cans are removed from the stream by magnets and eddy current. Finally an optical sorter separates the different plastics. This does not work with black plastic – hence the request to exclude it from your bins. The industry is working with Government to get food suppliers to stop using black plastic.Finally, please remove bottle tops as a help to squashing the bottles when they are finally baled. Most of the site’s output goes to UK factories. Waxed paper however goes to Orebro in Sweden; one of the very few plants in Europe that takes this material. The use of most recycled material is straightforward, but recycled plastic products are not generally well known. Try the website for some ideas like fence posts and garden furniture. The CMRF handles about 82 vehicles per day and can process 30 tonnes an hour, or 105,000 tonnes a year, the tonnage expected in 2028. Let’s keep them busy!