Policies, Procedures and Finance

Middleton on the Hill & Leysters Group Parish Council has a number of policies and procedures which it must abide to by law. Please click on the links below for more information.

Standing Orders 2018   2018 Standing Orders

Data Protection Policy  Data_Protection_Policy

Privacy Policy    GDPR Privacy Policy

Subject Access Policy   GDPR Subject Access Policy

How to access your records and SAR form   Subject_Access_How to access your records      Subject_Access_Request_Form

General Privacy Notice     GDPR – Privacy Notice – GENERAL

Short Privacy Notice      GDPR Privacy Notice short

Privacy Notice for councillors     GDPR Privacy Notice -STAFF-COUNCILLORS-ROLE HOLDERS (1)

Personal Data management & Audit Policy     Personal Data Management & Audit Policy

Financial Information

Certificate of Exemption                  Certificate of Exemption 2018

Internal Audit Report                        Internal Audit Report 2018

Annual Governance Statement        Annual Governance statement 2018

Summary Accounting Statement     Accounting statement 2018