Neighbourhood Plan

A Neighbourhood Plan is a new way of helping local communities to influence the planning of the area in which they live and work. Neighbourhood Plans enable local people to take a more active role in the development of planning policies at a neighbourhood level and the preparation of development proposals reflecting local needs and aspirations.

The Neighbourhood Plan is being prepared by the Parish Council and will run up to 2031. We expect the Neighbourhood Plan to be completed in 2017 and when adopted it will have full legal force which means that Herefordshire Council must take it into account when determining planning applications. Through the Neighbourhood Plan we can steer new development to where it is needed and include practical things that make a real difference to people’s lives both now and in the future. The Plan will cover a whole range of issues including identifying sites for new housing development, investigate how we can reduce the impact of traffic through the area, protect the environment, identify new open spaces and play facilities and help to protect important local assets such as pubs and historic buildings.

Following extensive consultation including a number of well-attended community meetings we prepared a draft Plan for consultation.  The Draft Plan (known as the Regulation 14 Plan) is available on the key Documents and Evidence page. The consultation ran from 19th December 2016 to 10th February 2017 and we received 32 comments. The key organisations who responded were Herefordshire Council, Severn Trent Water, Dwr Cymru, Natural England, Historic England and the Environment Agency.  Fibve comments were made by members of the local community, two of which were supportive.

In March 2017 the Parish Council considered the consultation responses and made a number of minor amendments to the Plan where appropriate.  The Plan was then submitted to Herefordshire Council in May 2017 and the submitted plan with supporting material including the consultation statement and statement of basic conditions can be viewed on the key Documents and Evidence page.  The Regulation 16 consultation on the submitted plan ran from 7th June to the 19th July.  A limited number of comments were made at this stage and can be viewed via the Neighbourhood Planning pages on the Council website.  The independent Examination into the Neighbourhood Plan took place in October 2017 and the Examiners Report published in December 2017.  The Examiner has recommended that subject to a number of modifications, the Neighbourhood Plan has met the basic Conditions and should proceed to Referendum.  The date of the Referendum has not yet been confirmed but is anticipated to take place in March 2018.  The Examiners Report can be accessed via the Council website.

The best way to contact us is to come to one of the consultation events or via our contact form.